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Maternity Care

All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program is well known for excellence in its approach to maternity care. We continuously evaluate and modify the curriculum to offer the best experience to our residents. St. Joseph’s is a nationally known center for obstetrics. It has a level 3 NICU and this busy facility delivers almost 2,500 babies per year. Our residents are a part of the maternity care team that puts them along side OB residents and collaboration with perinatologists, family medicine physicians, midwives and neonatologists. One day on call can have a resident delivering a healthy woman with no interventions, to caring for a pregnant woman on dialysis, to delivering twins.

Women’s Health Focus

Our program offers a unique opportunity for residents who wish to develop expanded skills in women’s health. Our women’s health focus is based on the belief that women’s health is much more than just gynecology and obstetrics. Residents will receive enhanced training in areas such as screening, diagnosis and management of processes that are unique to women, are more common in women or have manifestations that are different in women than in men. All of these areas are taught with particular attention to lifecycle stages and psychosocial issues. We provide a longitudinal approach to learning and utilize varying experiences to provide enriched learning opportunities. The curriculum is enhanced by a focus on the following:

• Mastery of procedural skills frequently needed by women
• Enhanced training in interpersonal relationship skills that are more gender specific
• Recognition of gender bias in medical literature and use of an evidence based approach to screening, counseling and treatment



We offer the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to your individual needs. Our residents complete two months of inpatient OB during their intern year. For residents planning on delivering babies in practice, they will complete four full months of obstetrics, and have the opportunity to chose an elective in high risk obstetrics and do continuity deliveries.

Office Experience

We have PNCC staff that meet with our pregnant patients to assess their medical and social needs. We are a site for the national Stork’s Nest program, sponsored by March of Dimes Foundation and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Our residency is an award-winning center for care of pregnant mothers in the community, receiving the Wisconsin Hospital Association’s Global Vision Award for Community Service. We have unique social work and education programs that enable you to deliver excellent holistic care to mothers in the context of their community and family.

Academic Experience

Residents are encouraged to participate in our OB group visits. Resident and faculty review the latest literature along with discussing practical management and practice the techniques needed to become excellent maternity care doctors. This is supplemented by other rounds and courses in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) and Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS) which are both paid for by the residency.


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