Innovative Patient Education



Early this month, twelve of our patients with a diagnosis of hypertension whose blood pressure (BP) had not been controlled, attended an innovative group visit. The visit had three components.  The first was educational.  Patients were educated about the causes of hypertension and how it can be controlled by Dr. Josh Bettner, one of our 3rd year residents.  The second component involved relaxation and mindfulness led by our integrated behavioral psychologist, Dr. Heather Martens.  Pre and post blood pressure readings demonstrated that the technique significantly reduced BP.  Finally, patients participated in a healthy cooking presentation and enjoyed food that they prepared with the help of Jenny Ovide, RN, our community nurse.

The program was well received by all participants who requested that it be held monthly. 

We will use this three-pronged model in other disease populations.  A diabetes group visit is planned for December.