All Saints Residents Bring Halloween Fun to the Family Care Center


This week our residents pulled together to create a fun and spooky Halloween event for kids in our community. The party was complete with decorations, snacks and a great turn out of kids and families from our neighborhood. The residents even created spooky mystery boxes of werewolf hair, ogre eyeballs, and bat wings that the kids could put their hands in to take the fun to another sense. “It was a lot of fun to put together and the smiles made all of our work well worth the effort” said Dr. Kobayashi, 2nd year resident.

Thanks to all of the residents for their hard work and commitment to our community and a special thanks to Dr. Kobayashi who coordinated the event and secured donations from local businesses. The donations allowed every child to wear a costume and join in on the fun.

This years event is the most recent example of our staff and residents commitment to the community we serve.